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Why film? Isn't it an antiquated technology? NO! DVDs are quicker and easier, but film has a beautiful quality all its own. A good film print is sharper than a blu-ray! Plus, there are many vintage films that aren't available in any digital format!

I have 16mm and 35mm projectors, and a vast collection of rare film available for programs. I have run archival prints from George Eastman House, Library of Congress, and UCLA. Know about a rare film of regional interest that you can't find? If I don't have it, then I can probably tell you where it is and how to get it for your show.

Tight budget? I have public domain films with no copyrights that can be run cheaply. Click the links on the left for ways I can help you put on a show.

Perfect for library shows, fundraisers for theater restoration, historical societies, or just a fun backyard show!
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"If you are looking for quality programming about things film- related, look no further. Eric Grayson has made numerous presentations at our library; all have been extremely well received. He brings his own vintage projection equipment and draws from his personal archive of hundreds of vintage feature films and movie shorts. Whether it's a simple screening or a more detailed lecture about a film's history, Eric can tailor a program to suit your needs. He's easy to work with, but most importantly, this guy knows his stuff!" --Laura Day Adult Programs Coordinator Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library