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Eric Grayson Film Historian

I do a number of different things to advance your film shows. Want film notes for a program? I can write them. Want a presentation before a film? No problem. Need projectors? I've got them. Need film? I've got tons. Films from my collection have gone all over the world. My film programs have run in New York, Ohio, Kansas, Indiana, Washington DC, Washington State, California, Scotland, and Finland.

How about archival projection for rare prints? I've run film from most major archives on my projectors. If people tell you that 35mm is too big and expensive, then I've got news for you. I can run films with a throw as short as 25 feet, and I only need standard 110V power!

But projection is only part of it. I've had articles published by the Indiana Historical Society, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Filmfax Magazine (to name just a few). I've got more pending.

My film collection is recognized as a major resource of rare footage. I have provided footage for documentaries, recorded commentary for DVD sets, and helped restore footage long thought lost. Sometimes film archives borrow prints from me for restoration or special shows!

I have a large collection from all areas of film history, but I specialize in pre-1950 titles, especially silents, with special collections of stars like Lon Chaney, WC Fields, Boris Karloff, The Marx Brothers, Ernie Kovacs, Bela Lugosi, Carole Lombard, and Warren William. I also specialize in rare and discontinued color processes, including dye transfer Technicolor, Cinecolor, Kodachrome, and others.

Check out the Links section for links to many of my various projects.

Questions? Feel free to contact me... just click at the right!

(Thanks to Tonick Productions for the picture of yours truly.)

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